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„Ephraim to Rule Humanity!“ by Yair Davidy

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On the 30th of July, Yair Davidy published the following video with the headline: „Ephraim to Rule Humanity!“

„Ephraim" in Biblical Terminology represents the Lost Ten Tribes especially the English-speaking section of them. These peoples were dominated by the Tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh. Both of them are part of "Ephraim" in Biblical terms though in the USA Manasseh was also dominant. Biblical Verses show that in the End Times "Ephraim" will rule over the earth. An important commentator, Rabbi Moshe David Valle, 1697-1777, Padua, west of Venice in Northern Italy, confirms this interpretation and adds insights of value of his own. See: Destined to Rule. The Future Tasks of Ephraim (..)“

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If you like to learn more about Ephraim you could join the TorahClub Online-Course

„Wer ist Ephraim?“

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Shabbat Shalom ☀️🇮🇱

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