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Image by Karen Zhao

Melchizedek Research Library

"I chose the way of truth, but who believed our preaching?" 

"For what they have never been told, they will see, and what they had never heard, they will perceive."

Psalm 119, Isaiah 53, Isaiah 52


Over 500 hours of video material

The Melchizedek Research Library is a unique knowledge database that was created after 6 years of activity as Ephraim, priest according to the Melchizedek order according to Torah and prophet.

All listed, unlisted and private videos (450+), presentations (20+) and e-books with all legal, political and theological issues relating to Israel, FRG Christianity, Judaism, Zionism and Jerusalem from the point of view of the firstborn from the dead and faithful witnesses in Zion

Image by Karen Zhao

Current selection

Every month we show you selected content from the entire Melchizedek Research Library and make it available to you free of charge