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The EPHI ID Card has been the official identification document of the nation of Ephraim since March 23, 2020. With the EPHI ID Card, the owner is committed to Ephraim in accordance with the free democratic basic order GG Art. 4,9 & 140. (Genesis 48, Jeremiah 31, Ezekiel 37, Zechariah 9.9-13) The EPHI ID Card confirms that the owner belongs to the 12 tribes of Israel, even if he is not a Jew. The terms and conditions of Ephraim are the Torah of Moses & the prophets of Israel (Bible).

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Online community is intended to give all members of the Ephraim nation an opportunity to establish contacts with other EPHIS, to network and to work together on the tasks ahead.

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Online members area of the community of heirs of Jakobs on

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Melchizedek Research Library

Over 500 hours of video material

The Melchizedek Research Library is a unique knowledge database that was created after 6 years of activity as Ephraim, priest according to the Melchizedek order according to Torah and prophet.

All listed, unlisted and private videos (450+), presentations (20+) and e-books with all legal, political and theological issues relating to Israel, FRG Christianity, Judaism, Zionism and Jerusalem from the point of view of the firstborn from the dead and faithful witnesses in Zion


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